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Soccer Roster planner assists coaches in preparing and tracking their soccer team line-up. Rosters can be prepared ahead of time to be printed and used during the game. Each period has a separate line-up including all the regular soccer positions like goal keeper and defender. You can track kid?s playing time and who started what periods and have a record of previous games. The user interface is simple and the software is free.

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Soccer coaches can use this software to organize and track their soccer team?s rosters and progress. Line-ups are arranged so that each player gets assigned a position. This can be either a starting soccer position such as goalie or right midfielder or it can be a bench position. This can be entered separately for each time period. There are up to four periods that can be managed per contest. For a given match the score, win vs. loss, date, and opponent can also be recorded. Prematch the coach can make a hard copy print out of the starting lineup. This can be used at the match. A full record is kept of the season. Each match it kept and can be given a roster name. These can then be reviewed, browsed through, and sorted to see how the soccer team is progressing and how different sets work. Are some more successful than others? The player name entry is implemented such that you only have to type in the name once. After the first time, it is stored in a list of kid?s names and can be entered by the pull down and just selecting the player?s name. Soccer Roster manager is free to use. We hope it assists in helping soccer coaches spend less time managing rosters and more time coaching good fundamentals.

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